Brother Francis Series

There are 21 episodes in this ongoing series, covering many of the most important tenants of the Catholic Faith. At home, or when used in religious education classes, children of all ages love and learn from the songs, stories, and strong Catholic content!

Totally Toddlers

A series for Catholic toddlers with catchy tunes and lots of fun. Teaching toddlers about God's world while learning about the Faith.

Adventure Catechism

Our newest series, Adventure Catechism, was created for religious education, both at school and at home. Join Brother Francis and friends as they cover the most important topics in the Catechism in 40 short lessons on 8 DVDs! Eight companion coloring books and readers help to reinforce the lessons in the videos.

The Jesus Stories

Created to help children apply the lessons found in the parables of Jesus.

Each 10 minute episode includes a story situation that children today can relate to, a parable, and a thought-provoking way to apply it. For children ages 3-7.

For older children

Check out the latest release, The Faithful as well as out Catholic Heroes of the Faith,  to learn about the lives of well-loved saints. Don’t miss the 3-part, “Witness Trilogy”, which covers the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles, or the feature-length, “Joseph” movie.

Ryan Defrates

An animated, action-adventure series about a young secret agent with a whole lot to learn. Children will enjoy the fun while learning important life-lessons, which are reinforced with a final Bible wrap-up.