Wow! A new Brother Francis website and it includes…

We’ve asked ourselves what we could do to make Brother Francis a greater blessing to you and the children in your care and part of the answer is this brand new website!  Navigating through the many wonderful products is now so much easier and our new description of each product along with links to visual samples, will help you make better decisions.

And guess what? We have added some new great sections like:

“Question and Answer with Brother Francis” – a place where little ones can send a question and then expect a reply from Brother Francis!

“Reflections with Brother Francis!” – short devotionals for morning or evening that can help children reflect on God’s presence in their daily lives.

“Brother Francis’ Playground” – a place where kids can come and have fun playing  safe and meaningful games or doing activities.

“Video Clips” – short clips from some of the many Brother Francis episodes.

“Recent News!” – this is the place where can share what’s in the works or how many of our products are being used.

More on each of those categories plus new Brother Francis material coming in other blog posts! Be sure to share with friends and family and let us know how we can be a greater blessing to you!

God bless!