Let's Sing Select songs from the "Brother Francis" series

From the “Brother Francis” animated series comes a joyful collection of songs that will inspire children’s devotion to God. Fun and uplifting, the melodies in “Let’s Sing!” reflect the sound teaching and great quality entertainment that the “Brother Francis” series offers!

Walking with Jesus The Rosary Prayers in Song

Let your heart be filled with the joy of God’s wonderful love as you listen to these powerfully moving songs depicting the life, death, resurrection, and glory of His Son through the prayers of the Rosary.

The King is Born A Collection of Christmas Praises in Song

Bask in the warmth and joy of Christmas with a mixture of traditional and new songs that fill the heart with worship and praise. A wonderful way of remembering Who we celebrate during the holiday season.

The Story of Christmas An Audio Drama About the First Christmas

Children will enjoy this heartwarming dramatization that recounts the story of the very first Christmas. With songs and engaging storytelling, you will experience the wonderful events that led up to the birth of God’s Son and the story of redemption.

A Cantar Canciones selectas de la serie Hermano Zeferino

Una alegre colección de canciones de la serie animada Hermano Zeferino que inspirará a los niños a amar a Dios. Las entretenidas e inspiradoras melodías de ¡A cantar! encierran las sanas enseñanzas y el entretenimiento de calidad superior que ofrece la serie Hermano Zeferino.