“I wish you had something for toddlers!”

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Well, now we do!

While we know that many toddlers enjoy the “Brother Francis” episodes, we have been aware of the need for materials created specifically for this much younger age group and as such, we are happy to announce the creation of a brand-new series called “Totally Toddlers”.  What this new series aims to do is teach toddlers basic knowledge and skills with a hint of the Catholic faith blended in with the content.

Our first production will introduce toddlers to “The Alphabet”. Divided into four sections, each segment will introduce them to a part of the alphabet, while also introducing them to Catholic imagery and concepts.  Peppered throughout with colorful animation and songs, this series is sure to keep the attention of your little ones!

What’s next on the list?  “The Numbers”, “Colors” and “Animals”. We hope these, as well as the many other productions we have in the works will be a blessing you and yours!