What age group is the “Brother Francis” series good for?

The “Brother Francis” video series has was originally created for children between the ages of 4 – 8. However, children as young as 2 enjoy the songs and stories, and it is often used in religious education classes for older children as a teaching supplement. It has even been used in religious education classes for adults!

Are the videos available to stream online?

We offer the Brother Francis videos online for purchase or rent via the VIMEO app. The videos can be streamed on any platform that can play the VIMEO app, including Apple TV, iOS, Android, Roku and Comcast. They can be downloaded for offline viewing on to any handheld device! You can visit the site here: brotherfrancis.tv

* Please note that these are only available for personal viewing, much like a Netflix account. You will not be able to share a link to these videos with friends or students outside of your household.

I am a teacher. How can I share these videos with my class?

You can show the DVDs to your class. You can also play the video on your computer and share your screen while on a live Zoom meeting. You may not record for later viewing, or upload to the internet.

I would like to purchase your products in bulk for my store/parish/school – how can I do that?

We do have a bulk purchasing program!
Please feel free to contact us at: support@brotherfrancisstore.com or call us at: 972-984-1848 and we will set you up with an account.