Episode 12: The Sacraments

The Grace within God’s Gifts

Come along with Brother Francis as he shows us the wonderful way in which God provides grace and strength for our entire life-from the time we are born until we are called to be with Him in Heaven. In this enlightening and fun episode, children will learn the fundamentals of the seven sacraments and the blessings given to us through them.


This episode includes animated presentations of:
• Baptism
• Holy Communion
• Reconciliation
• Confirmation
• Matrimony
• Holy Orders
• The Anointing of the Sick

The Sacraments Song: a fun way of recounting the sacraments and the grace given to us through each one.


Overflowing with sound teaching and inspiration, “Brother Francis: The Sacraments” is a dynamic way to learn about the ways in which God provides grace for each stage of our lives.