Different Ways to Pray

Prayer is communicating with God. Sometimes we talk to God from our heart, sometimes we sing to Him in worship, sometimes we just thank Him, but most of the time we talk to Him through the church’s prayers. Some people might say: “That’s no way to pray! When you pray, you should always speak from … Read more

God Loves to Hear Your Prayers!

We need God for everything—especially to help us be loving, kind, and patient with others, like Saint Therese was. So, how can we get the help that we need from God? We pray! God’s never too busy for you. He loves you and loves to hear from you. Isn’t that a happy thought? God loves … Read more

Basketball and Prayer

What does basketball have to do with prayer? Nothing, really, except to show you that if you want to be good at something, well… Ya gotta practice it every day! And that point has a lot to do with prayer! ‘Cause the more we practice doing what God says, the way God tells us we … Read more

Is Prayer Boring?

So why is prayer so important in the first place? Some people might ask, “Isn’t it kinda boring to pray?” Well … anything can be boring IF you make it that way! But if we remember Who we are speaking with and WHAT we are saying … well then, the same time of prayer takes … Read more

What??? Brother Francis for Adult formation?

We have heard from many sources that the Brother Francis series has proven to be beneficial and inspiring, not only for children but for adults as well! We are happy to hear that and are not too surprised. That is because each Brother Francis episode is really jam packed with religious instruction based on solid … Read more