A must see

“We use this in our parish as a fun way to reach the kids as well as the parents. It is a beautiful example of God’s love and conveys reconciliation as something not to be feared but to look forward to. A breath of fresh air to see something done so well.” – Kelly

Love the series

‘”My grandkids, ages 3 and 5, love them too. I was a bit concerned that they would be a little water down on the theology, but it’s not. Very Orthodox and appealing to the young kids. They are entertained and are learning their beautiful faith.” – Hope

We love Brother Francis

“These DVDs (9 so far in the series) are a great way of passing the Faith on to children. The shows are lively, with very modern animation and fun story lines and songs! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!” – K.

Exceptional DVD

“Beyond expectation. A must have for every Religion class ! Unbelievably well done. Students enjoyed the incredible graphics and prayerful presentation.” – Frances

Extremely well-done video!

“Top quality and my kids 8,6, & 4 absolutely love it! Teaches the faith in simple, yet, reverent terms. Adults will enjoy it too! This is the second Brother Francis video we have purchased with the intent that we will get all of them.” – Mamaso